Thursday, April 2, 2009

Biggest Giveaway ever on Etsy

I promised it a few months ago and since April fools day is over I can finally post this without it being taken as a hoax. I am giving away a Coffee Table! That's right a J.Crabbit original vintage door coffee table!!! Not only do you get the table, but you pay no shipping...I never charge shipping in my shop so why would I make you pay for something you won? Right?

It will be similar to this table. Although the color and size will be determined by the winner. after all it is a custom piece.

So I know what you're thinking... actually that's a lie I have no Idea what you're thinking, but If I were you I would be thinking..."Holy Crap a free coffee table?? those sell on Etsy for over $300.00, Is this guy out of his mind, Wait a minute how do I enter to win??"

Well I suppose if there were a catch that would be the one. all you have to do to be entered into the drawing to win the coffee table is buy an earring frame in April. You can have an additional entry for every earring frame you buy, so tell your friends. I will keep listing them and will be taking custom orders (which will still get you entered) throughout the month.

As long as I sell a total of 10 earring frames, I will put all the names into a hat and find a fair way to draw a name out of it...I think I will utilize the tiny fingers of my non-bias 2 year old son to pick. I will record and post a video of the drawing to this Blog on May first!

There IS 1 way to get your name entered without purchasing anything at all. Comment on this post. I know seems easy right? Every user that comments this post will be entered into a preliminary drawing. If your name is drawn in the preliminary drawing, YOU'RE IN. I take your name and add it to the final drawing for the table.

Why am I giving away a coffee table? Because I thought it would be really fun, It's Marketing, and I think everyone deserves the chance to get something cool at little or possible no cost.

What are you still doing here, comment quick , then go buy a frame, or 5!