Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Where Are You? What Do You Do There?

It may sound crazy,  but I am asking my readers where geographically they are located.   There is a reason,  want to know what it is?

I have found that locals always have the best information on their areas.  There are plenty of online sites that list the top attractions, or top restaurants, or top destinations.  I found in traveling this year, that those places don't always fit our demographic,  or the vibe we are looking for in food, entertainment, or activities.

Mountains in Boulder

Recently while in Boulder Colorado, we had the opportunity to stay an extra day after our business retreat ended.  I asked my friends in the area where to eat, and what to see during our bonus day, and the results were AMAZING!   The difference was they knew what we were looking for and were able to point us in that direction.  Not always to  the most popular spot, but to ones they knew we would love.

Rooftop Garden in Colorado

We live in Maine.  It is as far north east as you can go in America, and we love it.  We also live in a VERY tourist centric town,  so when people ask me where they should go,  I use caution with my secret spots, so as not to release them all to the general public, but try to balance that with my desire to drive business to the places that I love. It is a tricky balance at times,  and that is the whole purpose of this post.

Southern Maine at Sunset

A transition has occurred in our lives as you can see from the past few posts.  A corporate layoff,  a miscarriage, and then life in general, which I have not written about in the ways that I likely should have.   That transition however is generating the ability to travel, and I really want to talk to locals in areas, not to steal their spots, but to absorb their culture, and learn more about the rest of the country (and the world) outside the Atlantic
north east.

So,  in getting back to the original question... Where Are You?   Should we visit your area?  Where should we go? What should we eat? Where should we look? What do we NEED to see while there?
Hint Hint

If you are comfortable posting in the comments,  feel free,  you can also message me, or reach out through social media.   I am really excited to move forward, and look forward to hearing what you think about the journey coming soon.

Happy Wednesday,