Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am not sure how to write about the week I just spent in Mexico, so I am going to think about it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am here for the next hour or so.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog from my phone

In anticipation of my travels tomorrow to Manchester NH, Chicago IL, Las Vegas NV, and el paso TX,  I wanted to try blogging from my phone

The computer is not coming with me so for the next week this is it.

The picture is a random shot I took this week.

Upcoming week

So much going on.

Tomorrow I leave for Juarez Mexico to build 2 houses through Casas Por Cristo

A group of 35 teenagers, and chaperons (which I am one of) are headed down for the week.

I am finally all packed.

Today at tee ball practice, a kid crushed me in the knee with his bat, so hoping that doesnt cause any issues.

Yesterday was my Wife's birthday, which we celebrated with Amato's Dinner, and some presents.

Oh yeah, and since I cant ship anything next week, there is free shipping on any orders placed at J.Crabbit while I am gone. I figured that was better than just putting the shop on vacation.

Have a great week, and hopefully I will be able to update you again before next weekend.

Upcoming week

Monday, April 9, 2012

Crazy Easter Weekend

Easter will get its own post. We had a great dinner, and egg hunt with the kids, but this post is to share some news about the whole weekend… and be fairly short!

It all started Friday with a note from our CFO. “The office will be closing at 3:00, enjoy the early start to your weekend”

We were all thrilled, and started to wrap up any projects we were working on. By about 3:02 I was out the door. The weather was beautiful, and I headed home down the highway.

No sooner had I finished singing along horribly to the first verse of fly like an eagle, did I realize, that a car was suddenly next to me, and we were in the same lane, and he was doing about 200MPH, and … oh S#&%!!!!!

At 65 MPH I did 2 full 360 degree donuts and crashed myself into the median.
Because there was no collision I was charged with failure to yield.. The other guy didn’t stop.

Uninjured (thank God) I go home, and Day 2 starts.

I worked on my car most of the morning, while Heather was out shopping for groceries. When she got home, we received some news.

We had decided to have another baby, but didn’t expect it to happen for a while, sure enough, the pregnancy test she took was positive! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!

To answer your question, yes, I am just a little excited.

I refer to the boys affectionately as #1 and #2 , signifying nothing more that simply their birth order.

On easter Sunday, I made a half pink half blue egg, and called it “#3”

Finally to cap off the weekend, we had an amazing morning of worship at church, then went to my in-laws house for a spiral ham dinner.

It include roasted brussel sprouts, grilled carrots, buns, home made mac and cheese, and an arugula, spinach feta strawberry salad!

I will post something all about Easter, but as I said, with all this news, I had to write about the weekend as a whole.

Near death Friday, New Life Saturday, and a Sunday with family to celebrate that Jesus did both all at once.

He died, only to rise again, providing us with new life. And that is a good reason to celebrate. And celebrate we did!!