Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boy's new Bedroom

When we moved back in June, we felt it was important to get the bedrooms set up so that everyone had a calm relaxing place to go and get away from the unpacking.
While that worked for a while, we soon realized that the boy’s room was more chaotic and random, than relaxing and fun.
That said, they are little boys, and need some chaos, you should know they have a whole playroom dedicated to that separate from the bedroom.
My wife in her infinite resourcefulness came up with and executed a new design. I was floored when I walked in and saw it, so here it is the boy’s new room.

Hurricane Irene

So the predictions were that we were going to hit hit pretty good, but it seems to be skipping off to our west. The sun is trying to come out, but it is pretty windy still. I couldn't help but head down to the beach. I thought for sure I would be the only one, and would get some great photos. When I got there, I was very surprised to see families playing with their kids on the beach, laughing at the waves.

Here are some of the shots from the storm.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Summer Fun

I was surprised to see skywriters today.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seaglass Finds

Anyone ever scour the beach for seaglass..?? anyone? Well I never cared for it. I would go with my wife to a local rock beach and look, it was a lot like picking blueberries, yes there were plenty available, but it was all tiny, and didnt ammount to anything even after long collecting endevours.. Well for me anyway, she seemed to be able to get handfuls at a time of the tiny worn pieces.

Well I go to the beach every day at lunch and recently found a secluded section that no one walks on. I soon realized that it was covered with very large pieces of glass. some were already seaglass, some were not, it looked like a lot of people had just tossed their beer into the ocean when it was empty.

After walking a bit further , I started to find what looked to be older bottle pieces. this was actually exciting. some had words and partial logos, but what I really loved was all the necks. I had never really seen that before.

I usually upon finding glass that isnt ready yet, just tossed it back knowing one day someone else would find it, but yesterday was different, I thought "if I am finding it, why should I just toss it back" And so i build a little cabin if you will, out of rocks in about a foot of water. I put all the unfinished glass I had found inside, and covered it with a large stone.

I plan to go back periodically and see how long it takes for that glass to become seaglass. Hurricane Irene should help a bit. I know part of the mystery of it all, is the finding it on the beach part, but honestly i already did that. I found multiple ways online to make seaglass, but That I thought was too fake, at least this way it is all still being created by the sea.

This photo is of some that I collected yesterday, there is so much that I couldnt help but think about what I could do with it. I am still not sure, but as I mentioned in my post about getting rich on etsy I need to diversify what I sell a little bit.

Anyone else collect seaglass? if you had an unlimited supply of amazing pieces, what would you do with it?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Post 100

So as you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything in almost a week. This is because my next post (this one) will be my 100th here on progressions and I wanted it to be amazing.

Well today I met with a Life insurance salesman for lunch to discuss switching up my policy. We had a great lunch, and I was very interested. I took my fortune cookie, and returned to the office.

After opening it, I could hardly believe my eyes, it was so good in fact that I had to share it here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

People watching

I love to sit in public places and "people watch" it is basically observing those around you for amusement... it is all kinds of fun. I recently discovered an audio version called over heard in. My local version is overheard in Portland. basically people hear things in public places, and submit it to this blog where it is shared for everyone.

Well with Etsy's recent change in the default search to relevancy, I have picked up another old past time, "Etsy Evesdropping" it consists solely of watching people complain on the forums. it is soo great, usually it is all people who cant sell, asking and begging how do I make money here (yeah because your competitors are going to divulge all their secrets to you) but for this case it was mostly successful shops whining.

I know it affected a lot of peoples personal finances, and maybe I shouldnt take it so lightly just because I am a casual Etsy seller, but if you are looking for a good laugh or just some entertainment, Check out some of the replies and threads this has sparked, guarantee you will be entertained.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally Branded

There is a lot of work left to do, but I am very happy that the blog and the shop. and the banner and the items that I have been working on for the last 6 months are finally starting to have a cohesive look, or a brand if you will. I am beyond excited.

Just for kicks, describe your brand in 5 words. Bright upcycled distressed home decor. or something like that for now!

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Etsy Banner

I put up a new banner in my etsy shop today, What do you think?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been a While?

havent made a treasury in like 2 years. This one was actually fun. I WOULD love to put one together of just my followers items some time... do you have an Etsy shop?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hometown Kennebunk

I love reading about peoples hometowns, whether you consider that where you grew up. or where you have settled. In my case the 2 are right next to each other. I love living in Kennebunk Maine... you may recognize the name as President George Bush (the first one) also lives here. We moved back recently after several years away. Sooo nice to be back in "The only Village in the World so Named"

You can see pics of the new place on my wife's Flickr page.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Sell-Out

I was going to post about my shop and the new paint I got, but when I looked, I have once again sold out. That said I only listed 4 items recently and it took 2 months + to sell it all. So since I needed a topic, and since I had some extra money, I figured I would show you my new sunglasses...

Before you go thinking this is a vain post, let me explain... I sold out because for the last month I have only had one item for sale... see it's funny.

And these shades were a whopping $1.05 at the dollar store. Gotta love that sales tax.

Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. There were some otherthings that I thought about writing today, then just said, screw it, I am going with something fun. Afterall what good would a blog be without the fun Right?!?!

Hope you are all having a great Monday!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freakin Weekend

We started Saturday at a local cafe, we took our order to the downtown patio to eat, then off to some great deal at the Farmers Market. The afternoon was a trip through her parents back yard garden, and an appatizer of brie with grapes and crackers before smoked chicken for dinner.. We have had a great weekend.

How was yours?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Etsy Featured Seller Missing

Where is Etsy's featured Seller ?!?!?!

If you are like most Etsians, then you have noticed by now that the featured seller is missing from the front page. There was some speculation as to whether the feature would return, and no shortage of volumteers offering their shops to fill the gap.

Alas however it was meerly an accidental oversight. the selected featured seller had been featured once before and was hence removed. The Etsy Admins have assured that there will be a new featured seller as soon as the scheduled opening comes.

There, now you are in the know.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dogs can, I cant

I tried to drink my beer the way the dog seems to love drinking his water... honestly I dont get the hype.