Friday, May 6, 2016

I Quit My Day Job

After struggling last year after the layoff to find a steady job,  it is hard to believe a year later that I am even writing this.   I actually quit!  I gave my notice, worked with HR and department heads on transitioning my work and current project load,  served out the 2 weeks, and walked away.  That was 1 week ago.

Turning in my parking pass, and building access badge
Heather has been teaching natural health classes and selling essential oils for the past few years,  and the business reached a point where it could justify a second set of hands, both in work load, and financially.    I am beyond excited to be home with the family,  but this time without the stress and burden of needing to find a job.  

The timing is perfect too.  it is baseball season, and Little League is getting into full swing.  The first game is tonight, and I don't have to worry about jetting out of the office early to get to the field to coach.  AND, we are getting a new puppy at the end of the month,  so I will be able to help with the training.

Brackett and I at our first visit

So looking forward to 2016,  this is going to be an amazing year for sure, and I am excited to get back to sharing it here!

Hope your day is Awesome!