Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1002 words

Can you find all 1002 words?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

This year this blog has really grown. Thank you all, and Merrry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Time Shipping

Merry Christmas... Well almost.

I had a great week on Etsy last week, It seems that the new photo strategy worked, Frames seemed to fly out the door. Out of my shop anyway. I have never had so many sales so close together, and my packaging process is a little tricky.

I found myself carrying 5 packages to the post office, which was a bit awkward. I shipped them all priority Saturday thinking that should get them there for Christmas. I got a message 2 days later from California (I am in Maine) saying the frame had arrived. WOW nice work USPS!!

how about you, good Christmas sales this year? Have you shipped all your orders?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

10 days of Ethiopia - Day 6,7,8

Not a ton to tell about these days, so I will stick to the chain.

On Friday , it said we were going to chuck e cheeses. The boys bolted off the bus in the afternoon adn went straight to the car. We got a coupon online granting up 90 tokens for $15. That is a good deal, but 90 tokens, lasts a LONG time.

The next day was Saturday, The boys got up early to learn, that they got to rent a Wii game from the redbox. That was very exciting, and were at the Store at 8:05 ON A SATURDAY!! They voted for a large brunch pancakes, eggs, french toast, and sausage.

Finally Came Day 8 where we learned we were going out to lunch. The boys chose Applebees, which was not really a surprise. They were surprised when the hostes gave them a larger than usual pack of crayons, and asked if they wanted to be in the coloring contest. Obviously they did. Then a solid lunch off the appitizer sampler.

Friday, December 2, 2011

10 days of Ethiopia - Days 4 and 5

I didnt have time to write one for Day 4 so, I am combining.

so Wednesday, was great. The boys were very excited to learn what the Christmas project they had to do was all about. Also their cousins came over after school. It was so nice to have some chaos in the house, it has been so quiet lately.

My Brother and his Wife came to pick up the kids and stay for dinner! That was awesome as well, my first company this week.

They even cleaned up the kitchen before they left.

We got out the christmas project to see that it was an ornament building kit.

We went from start all the way to tree.

The Next Day, Thursday, The boys begged to have left over Angel food cake with breakfast. I though no at first, but really it is no worse than a donut, or pop-tart, so I gave them some with their oatmeal. Liam was beyond excited.

Ashton used the spare time at breakfast to continue the letter he has been writing, telling mommy what he did each day.

I was able to volunteer in his class too, which was awesome. Heather does it every week, but I am usually at work. We had so much fun.

The Chain said "Make Cookies" and since it is for the boys, I decided to let them make them.

Ashton first carefully reviewed the instructions.

Then came the detailed process of very carefully measuring 1/3 of a cup.

Followed by the not so complex, and not so carefully measured "Contents of this bag"

Kitchen Aid is my middle name

It said 2 dozen would be made, but my definition of a cookie's size must be a little different from the package. Still once cooled, they were delicious. Best Enjoyed with Cold Eggnog.

I made pizza for dinner, It was delicious, The boys had never heard of stuffed crust. I liked it too, but I think I might be going a little crazy: