Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Candyland Crisis Averted

This weekend we were out at the camp when a thunderstorm rolled in. Inside it was for a few hours, luckily the camp is full of games.

 The boys really wanted to play Candyland, and quickly got it out.

They were very excited until I heard the  "oh no" from the kitchen table. "There were supposed to be 4 players but there are only 2" "Now what do we do"

 Growing up my brother and I lost pieces to games all the time, While kids were yelling in Monopoly "I want the iron...I want the shoe" I was just like "UMM, I'll be this quarter I just found".

 I had them bring me a few Legos, and with in a few minutes, we had our third piece.

After getting off to a quick lead through the rainbow pass, I ended up losing 2 games in a row.

 The important thing was that we did get to play the 3 player version, and at the start of the second game, they were both begging to be the "Lego man"

Friday, June 22, 2012

New Bumper Sticker

You know you want one

My week, in a collage, in a poem, in a blog

I have seen this format used on several blogs,  and I really like it,    Making a collage,  numbering it,  and writing about each picture.    I like it,  one because it allows easy integration of multiple topics,  and 2,  because you get to make a freaking collage!!

I thought it would be a great way to sum up my week on this beautiful Friday.  Then I realized that I usually (when posting regularly) post a poem on Friday.   Well with nothing prepared,  I am going to make this one up on the fly,  so here it is,  my first ever collage weekly summary poem  Friday post. or CWSPFP.

1:With all this gorgeous weather
I thought it only fair
to hit the beach a couple times
with boogy board and chair

It may not be a woody
but the Mazda picked up slack
towels ,chairs and  boogy boards
all fit within the back

2: I started blogging from my phone
to see how well I'd do
the format was a little rough
but it worked and I got through

now I edit photos
where ever I may be
I put to much FX on this one
but hey,  the app was free!

3:At lunch I walk down to the beach
and practice a strange crafty
I tie up sticks with seaweed
and build a mini raft

This week I took a dollar
and used it as a sail
then tossed it in the water
it worked and didn't fail

It only took 3 minutes
till one girl took the leap
and went to get the dollar
in the ocean 5 feet deep.

4: summer time is wonderful
and please make no mistake
I love the way the sun shines
from the camp down to the lake

5:Today's another Friday
deliciousness at that
there's donuts in the office
and their here to make me fat

for many people are not here
they made a 3 day weekend
but all the donuts still just sit
waiting to be eaten

6:Leaving from the beach last night
the sun was setting fast
and so I grabbed this picture quick
to make that moment last

boys in towels in the back
wifey by my side
windows down along the coast
we took an evening ride.

So there is is,  My week,  and poem friday,  AND a collage post,  all in one.  Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Food

Even though we grill year round (yeah even in the snow) There is something about grilling on the first night of summer that just makes it better. Last night we did steak and corn.

There was potatoe salad to be had, but I havent figured out how to do that on the grill yet.

Have you started grilling yet?  Any good ideas I should try?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Start Summer Right

Getting Paid to Recycle?

It surprised me when I am traveling the number of soda cans and bottles I see tossed in the trash.  Not because they are not recycling them,  (I mean,  I would love to see them recycled)  but rather because I dont understand why the person wouldnt want to get paid for it.

I always have to remind myself that not every state has the ability to return bottles for a deposit,  but then again,  not every state makes you pay the deposit when you make a purchase or a container beverage either.

If you dont know what I mean,  they you probably dont live in one of the states listed in the picture below.   In fact,  you may not have even ever noticed this portion of the label,  even though to me it stands out like a sore thumb.

If you do live in one of these however,  then you actually get paid to recycle.   Techically you are jsut getting your money back,  but here is how it works.

Step one:  Go to the store and pick out  your favorite beverage.  Bring it to the counter and pay.
For soda,  beer and other canned and bottled beverages,  you will pay an extra .05 per container.   That is .30 for a six pack.

For wine and liquor,  you will pay an extra .15 per container,  which means if you buy a case of wine,  you will pay an extra $1.80.

Step two:  The good news is that there are redemption centers everywhere that you can take them back to,  and get your money back!

Most of them are machines these days,  you simply place your container in the machine,  it scans the bar code,  and prints you a receipt that you take to the cashier for money.

Even though it is money you already spent,  this is a very popular fundraiser for things like scouting or little league.  Afterall if you get the bottles and cans that other people paid for,  it is straight up profit.

What you CAN'T do however,  is purchase in another state,  and then return them in a returnable state,   That is all kinds of illegal,   just take them to the recycling center.  

But if you do live and drink in one of these states,    it totally pays to recycle.

This is my happy face:

Monday, June 18, 2012

New page and Fathers Day

Those of you with Etsy shops, likely are also members of the Etsy Blog Team, of which I am currently the captain. When the old leadership decided to step down we lost access to the team blog page.

 We have now created a new one at www.etsyblogteamblog.blogspot.com. I hope for the team blog to go through some overhauling in the next few months, but basically it is a place to get advice on blogging, marketing, and selling all in one written by fellow bloggers, and sellers.

 If you are on the Etsy blog Team, head on over, and start following

In other news Father's Day was great.

The boys and My wife took me out to an awesome lunch at one of my favorite restaurants after Church. I had to park almost a mile away as it is getting to be tourist season here in Maine.

 On my walk to the restaurant, I couldn't help but snap this quick shot of one of the local churches.

Did you have a good weekend?

Friday, June 15, 2012

So many rules

At lunch yesterday I started to notice a tend.  There are A LOT of signs out there telling people what not to do.

Initially I was frustrated, why all the rules?  Them I actually thought about how cool it was.  People will actually not do something just because some letters on a sign say not to.

Have you ever ignored a sign??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New phone post

Trying again to post from my  phone