Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Treat for my Followers

You may now brag to the world that you are one of the Rare, Elite, Magnificent, J.Crabbit followers. If you post it, let me know your url, I would love to see it on your site!!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frisbee Time

Today for Lunch rather than heading to the beach, we went to the park for some Frisbee. I love that game!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abandoned Tracks

It Sounds like it could be the name of a country song... who knows, maybe it is. These tracks that run along side the beach though caught my eye during my lunch walk, and I had to take a quick shot.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Process

I went to the doctor this morning for a basic physical, but additionally to have my shoulder looked at. I was recently playing Frisbee with Duncan, when he tugged it from my hand. Not expecting the tug, my arm was limp, this caused a great jolt to my shoulder. Something hasn’t been right with it since.

To shorten things up, I have a pulled tendon. That was actually good news, as I was worried it may be something far more serious. If it were a spine issue, or a dislocation, or a torn ligament, I may have to drastically change the way I do things.

I would have to carry things only with my left hand for a while, throwing a ball would be out of the question, which is a problem since I play 3rd base for my softball team. Any number of things would have to have their processes completely changed, but that wasn’t the case.

As I thought about it, I realized that changing an existing process may not always be a bad thing. After all think of all the bad habits that we develop that are nothing more than the outcome of the process with which we do things.

And so naturally my thoughts turned to my frames. I have a very specific process for distressing them. It is intentional and works very well. The goal is to make the distressing look as natural as possible, without it looking like it is falling apart. Honestly I like the process I use, and I enjoy doing it.

There is one portion of the creation however that I HATE!! It is applying the polyurethane once the finish is completed. I use low gloss and a paint brush. I have tried wearing gloves, but I really didn’t like it. I get poly all over my hands (it is a handmade process, but I still don’t like it) and have a brush that needs mineral spirits and attention, I splatter poly in the garage as I close the can with a hammer, you get the picture.

I even thought about just not polying them. This however brought up 2 issues. The first was that the finish would not stay the same, all that work I put into it wouldn’t be protected at all. The second was that I love the way the bare wood parts look after the poly. It darkens their shades and reveals the grain lines, you just don’t get that without putting some sort of finish on.

I needed to buy poly, and while in the store, I noticed that they sold it in spray cans. I thought that would be a great way to work around the brush, and so I got one.
I hung my frames on a wall in the garage, and sprayed them each with a light coat. It looked great, and there was no clean up. And then I started to get light headed. I realized, that even with the garage door open, there was no circulation at all in there, and it was filling with fumes.

Well this was definitely not good, I wasn’t going to get high, and cover all my stuff in polyurethane residue just to save a brush. I walked out into the driveway and once feeling a little better returned to the garage, the odor of the poly (which smells a lot like new plastic) was everywhere.

And so I again had to make a decision. Adjust my process, or go back to the old one that generated no fumes. I decided on the former. I took a screw and put it into the end of a board that was easily longer than my largest frame. I then hung the frame by a corner off the screw. By doing this I was able to rotate the frame 360 degrees to get to every side.

After practicing this rotation a few times one handed, I was ready to go. I took the spray poly in one hand, and the new (yet to be named) contraption in the other, and got to work. IT worked. No poly on my hands, no poly in the garage, no fumes trapped, and a frame that has a nice clean finish !

So while I am very glad that I do not have to change any of the processes that I use my right shoulder for, I am equally excited, that I stuck with changing the process of finishing the frames, and now can even produce them faster and better looking than ever!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beach Wind

Today at the beach again for lunch. It may turn into tomorrows poem Friday, but I decided since there was so much wind, I would try flying. Almost had it too, just one leg left to get off the ground.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Computer Problems

The internet is off today
I cannot get online
And it’s a pain needless to say
I'm hardly doing fine

I need to check my e-mail
I need to browse the web
I need to get on Skype
And send a message to Aunt Deb

It worked just fine on Saturday
And Sunday all was good
But now on Monday morning
It’s not doing what it should

The screen is empty cold and black
The mouse and keyboard too
I need the web to just come back
I don’t know what to do

And So I called up tech support
But they could not assist
I can't complete my book report
And Facebook will be missed

I got out of my chair and tripped
My face then hit the rug
That’s when I finally realized
My computers still unplugged.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Move Complete

I like blogs with pictures. Partly because I have never been a big reader, and partly because I love to see how others see. When I started blogging vigorously in March, I had my cell phone on me at all times. This was a great way to take random pictures of awesome things I saw, and remember through the photo to blog about it later.

Well from looking at it, I bet you can tell when I got rid of the picture messaging plan on my phone. I have had plenty to write about, but without the photos it seemed lame.

So to end this short post (without pictures) I have moved. We are in the new place, and life can now get back to normal. I cant promise I will be back (yet) to posting daily and wildly entertaining the thousands of avid fans who read this, but I think I am going to splurge, and drop the whopping $30 it is to get a new battery for my camera and keep it on me again.

Who wants a post with pics of the new place???