Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Gardening

So the flowers are fading, the frost is coming,  and the rain knocked over everything tall.  The garden is on its way out right?

Well I certainly hope not.  The cold frames have nice spinach and carrot seedlings doing great,  and with a little work,  those sunflowers have been moved to a new spot.

 The Honeybees are working hard on the Cosmos,  and the green tomatoes are ready to become Salsa Verde.

 It is a beautiful day,  and the garden remains full of life!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Free Advice Arrow

I am always looking for a new project.   Which is ironic, because I definitely dont need any more on my plate,  and I dont really have any space for anything new.    So when I saw a huge pile of wood in a free pile last week,  my sensible self decided,  "you dont need that,  and you have no place to put it"  and my crafty self decided "we will make room,  its FREE"

I had been asked to make arrows for the house,  and I figured I could do it with the free wood.

Step one,  measure the arrow.  I wanted to make sure it was straight,  so I went and measured from every side,  drawing,  and redrawing my lines.

Then make the cuts.  I used a jig saw,  as I don't have a table saw,  and it was the easiest.  I cut along all my carefully measured lines,  and soon had a plywood arrow.

 I didn't want to be done though,  It just felt a little naked.   So I did what I always do to naked wood,  I painted it.

 I had previously shown my wife all the colors of spray paint that we had my making stripes on this wood,  so it made sense to take that side,  and make it the front,  to paint over all the samples

As it always seems to,  teal won the vote,  and soon I had a nice big teal arrow.

But it still didnt feel done,  I wanted it to stand out more,  (I know the bright teal stands out) as a piece that I made.  so I had an idea.  What if I made it into a sign?

I grabbed some old vinyl letters,  and tape,  and designed my "Free Advice" arrow.  I thought it was funny,  because everyone seems to be offering free advice these days,  whether you want it,  or not.

Once it was all taped off,  I painted it again,  this time with black paint.  This made the teal still pop,  but not take over a room the way it would have.

It worked like a charm,  the teal letters were left when I removed the vinyl.

And so now here it is,  a customized,  completed project,  all from some free scrap wood.  Next time you see something that you think you might use later,  pick, it up,  If you dont use it in a month,  get rid of it,  or if you do use it,  then you have a cool piece,  and a story to go with it.   There is some Free Advice