Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Sell-Out

I was going to post about my shop and the new paint I got, but when I looked, I have once again sold out. That said I only listed 4 items recently and it took 2 months + to sell it all. So since I needed a topic, and since I had some extra money, I figured I would show you my new sunglasses...

Before you go thinking this is a vain post, let me explain... I sold out because for the last month I have only had one item for sale... see it's funny.

And these shades were a whopping $1.05 at the dollar store. Gotta love that sales tax.

Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. There were some otherthings that I thought about writing today, then just said, screw it, I am going with something fun. Afterall what good would a blog be without the fun Right?!?!

Hope you are all having a great Monday!!!

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