Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hometown Kennebunk

I love reading about peoples hometowns, whether you consider that where you grew up. or where you have settled. In my case the 2 are right next to each other. I love living in Kennebunk Maine... you may recognize the name as President George Bush (the first one) also lives here. We moved back recently after several years away. Sooo nice to be back in "The only Village in the World so Named"

You can see pics of the new place on my wife's Flickr page.

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  1. Hi there....I see you also have an etsy shop. Nice! Saw your post and it made me miss Kennebunk! My family owned the Kennebunk Inn years ago. While I was there one summer, sewing my clothing line & selling to the local shops, I was asked to hem a pair of slacks for Ethel Merman! Don't know if she's still around or not.
    Cyn from Mano Bello