Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seaglass Finds

Anyone ever scour the beach for seaglass..?? anyone? Well I never cared for it. I would go with my wife to a local rock beach and look, it was a lot like picking blueberries, yes there were plenty available, but it was all tiny, and didnt ammount to anything even after long collecting endevours.. Well for me anyway, she seemed to be able to get handfuls at a time of the tiny worn pieces.

Well I go to the beach every day at lunch and recently found a secluded section that no one walks on. I soon realized that it was covered with very large pieces of glass. some were already seaglass, some were not, it looked like a lot of people had just tossed their beer into the ocean when it was empty.

After walking a bit further , I started to find what looked to be older bottle pieces. this was actually exciting. some had words and partial logos, but what I really loved was all the necks. I had never really seen that before.

I usually upon finding glass that isnt ready yet, just tossed it back knowing one day someone else would find it, but yesterday was different, I thought "if I am finding it, why should I just toss it back" And so i build a little cabin if you will, out of rocks in about a foot of water. I put all the unfinished glass I had found inside, and covered it with a large stone.

I plan to go back periodically and see how long it takes for that glass to become seaglass. Hurricane Irene should help a bit. I know part of the mystery of it all, is the finding it on the beach part, but honestly i already did that. I found multiple ways online to make seaglass, but That I thought was too fake, at least this way it is all still being created by the sea.

This photo is of some that I collected yesterday, there is so much that I couldnt help but think about what I could do with it. I am still not sure, but as I mentioned in my post about getting rich on etsy I need to diversify what I sell a little bit.

Anyone else collect seaglass? if you had an unlimited supply of amazing pieces, what would you do with it?


  1. Makes me see seaglass in a whole new light!

  2. I wish I was someplace where I could!I am sure I would be a Greedy Gus Gollum."My Precious!!" LOL

  3. absolutely have treasure hunted for seaglass, having grown up a 1/2 mile from the ocean. still do it. but i have to say there is less and less in hampton. so i just search for the things that catch my eye. nice finds!

  4. OK you had me at "I go to the beach every day at lunch"....Sounds awesome. :)

  5. Wow Hello there!! can I just say How awesome you blog looks right now? Its been a while since I visited... And wow it really looks amazing! Really liking your Layout!
    Just Awesome :)

  6. Christine: I work right down town in coastal Portland Maine. From my office it feels like the city, but 4 minutes in the car, and I am there.

    Karina: Thanks. I am still not totally satisfied with it, but it is better than the dark grey I used to have. I want to host it on, but that is still a work in progress.

    I will let you all know what washes ashore after Irene comes through.

  7. The glass is just wonderfully iridescent and "soft" having been worn by the sea. I've seen people mosaic with sea glass. You could also make some really cool jewelry pieces (e.g. using them as cabochons, drilling a hole through them to turn them into beads, using copper foil techniques, etc.)...

    If you do something be sure to post about it. I'd love to see what you end up doing.

  8. I will likely not make jewelry, only because I dont wear it, and it is a difficult market to break into. If i can master the art, maybe I could supply jewelry makers... who knows. great fun though.

    I will definitely post what I do.

  9. I'm very jealous of your seaglass! Wish I lived somewhere close to where I could find some! Thanks for sharing.