Friday, July 8, 2011

Poem Friday: Bed Friend

At night I curl up in my bed
but not alone you see
my wife's under the covers
and she shares the bed with me

Tonight It seems that she's alseep
as I climb into bed
but as I lay and turn away
she smackes me in my head

Then as i go to kiss her
Just the same as every night
I notice she is breathing odd
I hope that she's alright

I put my arm around her
but she doesnt seem aware
she just lies there sleeping
I run fingers through her hair

Her breath though smells atrocious
As she breathes upon my neck
Like a skunk that ate a pig
Then died under the deck

Just then I remembered
that my wife is out of town
so who is this then in my bed
I have to take them down

I jumped up looked and there it was
Dresses in my wife's new blouse
and that is why we dont allow
The Monkey in the house.


  1. LOL!! This is too cute. Hope your wife likes it. :)

  2. I love this poem! it reminds me of a Shel Silverstein poem :)


  3. Shel Silverstein is my hero. most of the "Thats when I finally realized" poems came from his style. "Kidnapped" is my favorite poem ever.

  4. haha! that's funny. I got a little irked with the line about my breath until I remembered the "then I realized" theme of your poems...


  5. is that a cheez-it bagel up there? i love that. he he.

    xoxo, chrissy from the perfect palette

  6. yep, I had a horrible format earlier today, but it was indeed a cheezit bagel in its own post. Delicious.