Friday, April 15, 2011

Poem Friday 4/15 - Cold Coffee

I have been having a lot of fun with the theme "Thats when I finally realized" in my poems. So for todays Poem Friday post. I wanted to share one I wrote this morning.

Cold Coffee

My coffee isn’t hot enough
In fact its rather cold
I got it just this morning, so
It isn’t even old

My coffee tastes quite funny
It really is too sweet
But today’s quite sunny
And Coffee keeps me on my feet

I’m not quite all awake yet
My eyes still have a sheen
I drink it as is anyway
Because I need caffeine

But something isn’t right here
There’s bubbles in my cup
I may have been deceived I fear
I think something is up

I didn’t pour my coffee
I got I from a friend
I pick up theirs’ most every day
And so we switched the trend

But as my mind awakens
I see the that it’s a joke
That’s when I finally realize
That this coffee is a Coke.

(Source) - The best Flickr page ever


  1. Cool poem! Coke huh? At least your friend didn't give you a beverage with a head on it ;)

  2. lol, I like poem day... That it is a gorgeous coffee cup

  3. @Blacknick that would have been ok, if it were afternoon.

    @Elissa, thank you it is my wife's favorite, I took this picture from her flickr.

    @seamarie. I am glad... that is what they are for :)

  4. My husband actually prefers Coke for his morning caffeine. My coffee seems to go cold while I'm online reading blogs...hmmm...

  5. Ha ha! That was a great poem! It reminds me of my boyfriend who is a sucker for his Starbucks!