Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Time Bandit

I am sorry... I know I said I would tell you about the tunnel and what I found there... and I will! But that walk that day, inspired me to explore some other uninhabited areas around town, and today at lunch I found the Time Bandit.

I have found a lot of cool stuff on the beach. seaglass, boat parts, a few weeks ago I actually found an old playstation. But, the time bandit takes the cake.

This is some sort of platform on top of styrofoam, with a chair attached, and a hand painted deck. I can't help but wonder what it once was. Was it a tool used to access boats, a parade on the water, a side project?

I will likely never know, as it was just casually floating here in this cove, far from everything, and with no one but me and my camera to find it.

This town is proving to have so many interesting parts that you wont read about at the museaum, or historical society. I am excited to keep learning.


  1. Now that is what I call awesome. Did you pull it out of the water and keep it?

  2. What a great find! I love coming across something unusual that someone clearly made with their own hands; it somehow adds a little magic to your day.

  3. nope, I left it there, it was cold, and out of reach. also it is pretty big, that chair is an average dining room chair size, it wouldnt fit in my 95 altima.

  4. this is really amazing, what a unique thing to find!


  5. I love that it's called the time bandit!!
    So awesome!

  6. That's fantastic! Wonder if someone spent so much time laying out on the raft that they named it Time Bandit?
    Great photo by the way!

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