Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Move Complete

I like blogs with pictures. Partly because I have never been a big reader, and partly because I love to see how others see. When I started blogging vigorously in March, I had my cell phone on me at all times. This was a great way to take random pictures of awesome things I saw, and remember through the photo to blog about it later.

Well from looking at it, I bet you can tell when I got rid of the picture messaging plan on my phone. I have had plenty to write about, but without the photos it seemed lame.

So to end this short post (without pictures) I have moved. We are in the new place, and life can now get back to normal. I cant promise I will be back (yet) to posting daily and wildly entertaining the thousands of avid fans who read this, but I think I am going to splurge, and drop the whopping $30 it is to get a new battery for my camera and keep it on me again.

Who wants a post with pics of the new place???

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