Saturday, May 26, 2012

Not Even Summer

Summer is still 3 weeks away, and yet, the garden is planted, The temp has been in the low 90's on several occasions, trips to the park are getting more frequent, Tee ball is in full swing, and Today we are antiquing down Rt 1 in Southern Maine.

PHEW That is a lot of awesomeness. I am excited for this weekend, because 1 Heather is in her 12th week and starting to slowly feel better. And 2, her sister offered to take both boys ALL WEEKEND!!

 So we decided not to go away, but to just have a fun weekend here in our local community, and surrounding areas.
I love these kiddos to death, but I am excited to spend time with Just the Wifey.

So in a few hours we will hit up the farmers market for breakfast, Yardsale a bit around town, then venture down Rte 1. What are your plans for this holiday weekend? MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend is planned! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing them!