Friday, November 21, 2008

The creation of Progressions

I created this Blog because I like the way things are made. I know that sounds silly and makes no sense, but let me tell you what the purpose of it all is. I make stuff. Again vague I know. I like making things, And when my house filled with all the things I had made, my wife suggested that I open a store online and sell them. So now I operate J.Crabbit, my own line of Items I created. I sell them at

So back to Progressions and what It means. I wanted anyone that bought my handmade work to be able to see the progression of the piece. Because I start with a vintage "find" and turn it into something different, I wanted everyone to know both the history, as well as the journey the piece took from when I found it to when I listed it.

So, what this means is that when youre shopping on J.Crabbit you will be able to click on a link in the listing that will take you directly to the post about that Items history as well as photos of its transformation. I hope anyone reading will find this facinating, interesting, fun, and informative.

So I must now go and start the progressions of a few pieces I plan to list soon. Thank you for reading, thank you for shopping, and thank you for caring enough to stop by!


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