Thursday, June 25, 2009

My hair fiasco

So Last Friday my wife was out at a hair appointment, I had gotten the kids to bed and was bored. This is never a good thing. I began looking for things to do. Somehow (dont ask) I ended up in the bathroom, and I found a box of hair bleach. I think it was Garnier or something. I thought "Heck she is out doing her hair... I am going to do mine" I commenced in Bleaching my hair for about an hour then rinsed. I think I was hopeing it would be less orange. I Showed my wife my handy work when she got home, and she peomptly handed me the clippers.

I did wear it for about a day, but it itched, and was far too light. and so I went into the bathroom with the clippers. then I came back out. I knoew this wasnt exactly what she had in mind, but I thouhgt it was pretty cool... yeah maybe if i were still a teenager. cutting your own Mohawk into your hair is suprisingly more difficullr that I thought it would be. I couldnt seem to find the line to make a nice clean spike. I think it may have been against my office policy to wear my hair in such a fashiopn anyway... but I would have tried it for a day.

So back into the bathroom I went to finish what I had started. I hope it asll grows back although I see the slowly receeding line begining to form. is that bad if I am only 26? hmmm Well anyway that is the story or why I now have a bleach blonde buzz cut. My firends at work said I liooked like eminem or an inmate... or possible both.
I told them I was staring in a major motion picture and this was part of the role. hopefully they dont read this and catch on.

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  1. I came across the link to your blog on the Etsy Blog Team.

    I got a chuckle out of this post. Reminded me of my friend who dyes his hair.

    Once his wife mixed two different dye brands together. His hair came out this really strange color red.

    He got a good ribbing from everyone till his wife bought him a new color and redid it LOL .