Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Much is that Doggy in the window?

I got my first Dog on my 0th birthday. My parents picked him up figuring that we could grow up together and have fun. I had an older sister already, but man did I love that dog. I learned how to drum by rolling him over and using his belly as a bongo. My first word was :Hector” which was his name which makes sense if you think about the number of times my parents must have yelled it during my first years.
Hector Died when I was 17. Which is really old for a dog.

I had already picked up another dog and when Hector died Cheri was 6 or 7. When I got married, my wife and I had an apartment ready to move into, but it didn’t allow dogs, so Cheri stayed at my parents house, which is where she had lived with me already.

Once my wife and I got a place were the dog was allowed, we took her back over. My wife is NOT a dog person. She and Cheri never really got along, Cheri didn’t like that I was paying attention to another girl, and my wife didn’t like that Cheri would roll around in the swamp and then use her knit rug as a towel to shake off on. When it was time to put Cheri down due to illness, My wife actually took her to the vet, a bittersweet and ironic moment all in one.

I wrote a blog entitled goldies last day, after the PFR song. You can still find it by clicking the link.

It had been almost 2 years without a dog for the first time in my life, and all seemed ok. You can imagine my surprise when my wife told me that her friend had a litter of Golden Retreiver puppies and she wanted one.

I said that the are big, and the shed, but if she was cool with it, I was game, and so came Duncan. Really it should be Dunkin as we named him after Dunkin Donuts which is directly across the street from our apartment.

His hair is EVERYWHERE,. So yesterday I started brushing him, turns out I can get a lot of the hair off outside, and he LOVES it, he lays there and rolls around letting me brush everywerhe, then goes and rolls around in the snow.

So now you have my dog history, which is good, as I am sure this will not be the last time I talk about Duncan.


  1. Growing up we always had dogs. The most at one clip was 4!

    It's always sad when they get old and you are faced with the trip to the vet that all pet owners dread.

    Good luck with Duncan! He looks like he is a good natured sweety!

  2. Awe I love your golden! I had a golden named Tyler growing up and he was the best dog ever.

    We have a golden chow mix now and she is equally adorable, although kinda bratty with other dogs due to her chow.

    Either way I love dogs and always want to have one in my life. )

  3. It's great you live somewhere you can have a dog, and that not just one of you is a fan of it this time. Have fun with Duncan!

    (And I'm glad you liked the wallpaper maker! It's pretty fun.)

  4. I have a mini schnauzer at home. Those puppy dog eyes get me every time. Nice blog. Found you through EBT!


  5. What a sweetheart!! My Jane is part golden retriever (and German shepherd).
    Give Duncan an extra pat on the head for me!

  6. Duncan is beautiful! I worked as a vet tech for a while and found pets typically favor opposite gender humans, so maybe your wife will be the favorite of this one :)

  7. That is wonderful that your wife wanted another dog :)

    I am very impressed that you are blogging everyday. You are a brave guy. :)

    Have a great Pancake Day :) T.

  8. I love that your wife wanted a dog! Duncan looks like a sweetie! We have a black lab mix named Annie. She'll be 4 next month and we've had her longer than any other dog. Can't imagine life without her!

  9. How sweet, I have a golden too named Hunter. And yes they shed so much it is unbelievable, but luckily mine loves getting brushed too!