Monday, November 7, 2011

Jet Lines.

I love the lines that planes make as they cross the sky. I don't know why some do and some dont, or why sometimes there seem to be so many, or why some last so long, all I know is as a child, I used to lay on my back in the front yard and stare at the sky watching the jets turn it into a checkerboard of exhaust.

Then on September 12th 2001, I looked up, and for the first time ever in my life, there were no lines. not a single one. Of course I had been watching the news, and understood exactly why. No planes, meant no lines.

But as time passed, slowly but surely, the lines started to appear again, a small symbol of some normalcy returning after that chaotic time we all went through.

Maybe it is just the time of year, but there seemed to be an extra lot of plane lines today, so I sat amazed watching them criss and cross for about an hour.

Do you have Jet lines in the sky at your house?


  1. No lines around here. We kinda miss 'em.

  2. Wow, the skies above you are definitely polluted! :))

  3. lovely lovely sky photos! i love the coloring :)



  4. love the pictures. My son loves "jet lines" he can spot them before us. Great shots!

  5. Wonderful collection of photo. I live far away from an airport, so I don't have those lines in the sky. I bet laying on the grass watching the planes was a lot of fun.
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