Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Projects

As I get things ready to go here, I figured I would hit you up with an update.

here is whats been going on.

My day job just went through a name change, which was really cool, but took time and effort.

Also I am shooting a music video this weekend for Mix Master Mitch, and have been growing out my hair for it. I have now also bleached it. Feels odd, but got the look we wanted. I may have to write a whole post about the process it is for me to use hair dye.

My shop has all but sold out, which is ok, as I am working on a few new sources for frames.

I finally got a cast iron frying pan!!

2012 is off to a good start, Anyone else hit the ground running faster than they should?


  1. I need a cast iron pan. I have wanted one forever. Would love to see what your cooking with it:)

  2. It sounds like you have a lot of awesome stuff going on! My husband is obsessed is cast iron pans (mainly vintage Griswold). And love the hair! :)