Friday, June 22, 2012

My week, in a collage, in a poem, in a blog

I have seen this format used on several blogs,  and I really like it,    Making a collage,  numbering it,  and writing about each picture.    I like it,  one because it allows easy integration of multiple topics,  and 2,  because you get to make a freaking collage!!

I thought it would be a great way to sum up my week on this beautiful Friday.  Then I realized that I usually (when posting regularly) post a poem on Friday.   Well with nothing prepared,  I am going to make this one up on the fly,  so here it is,  my first ever collage weekly summary poem  Friday post. or CWSPFP.

1:With all this gorgeous weather
I thought it only fair
to hit the beach a couple times
with boogy board and chair

It may not be a woody
but the Mazda picked up slack
towels ,chairs and  boogy boards
all fit within the back

2: I started blogging from my phone
to see how well I'd do
the format was a little rough
but it worked and I got through

now I edit photos
where ever I may be
I put to much FX on this one
but hey,  the app was free!

3:At lunch I walk down to the beach
and practice a strange crafty
I tie up sticks with seaweed
and build a mini raft

This week I took a dollar
and used it as a sail
then tossed it in the water
it worked and didn't fail

It only took 3 minutes
till one girl took the leap
and went to get the dollar
in the ocean 5 feet deep.

4: summer time is wonderful
and please make no mistake
I love the way the sun shines
from the camp down to the lake

5:Today's another Friday
deliciousness at that
there's donuts in the office
and their here to make me fat

for many people are not here
they made a 3 day weekend
but all the donuts still just sit
waiting to be eaten

6:Leaving from the beach last night
the sun was setting fast
and so I grabbed this picture quick
to make that moment last

boys in towels in the back
wifey by my side
windows down along the coast
we took an evening ride.

So there is is,  My week,  and poem friday,  AND a collage post,  all in one.  Have a great weekend!!!


  1. love it! really cool you pay attention to those smaller details that make like worth living!

  2. Great blog!!! New follower from Etsy. :)

  3. Lovely Blog..hopping in from blog team!

  4. Haha! Love that you were able to share your collage of photos AND your poem for Friday!

  5. love it! I might have to try it out one day:)