Monday, June 18, 2012

New page and Fathers Day

Those of you with Etsy shops, likely are also members of the Etsy Blog Team, of which I am currently the captain. When the old leadership decided to step down we lost access to the team blog page.

 We have now created a new one at I hope for the team blog to go through some overhauling in the next few months, but basically it is a place to get advice on blogging, marketing, and selling all in one written by fellow bloggers, and sellers.

 If you are on the Etsy blog Team, head on over, and start following

In other news Father's Day was great.

The boys and My wife took me out to an awesome lunch at one of my favorite restaurants after Church. I had to park almost a mile away as it is getting to be tourist season here in Maine.

 On my walk to the restaurant, I couldn't help but snap this quick shot of one of the local churches.

Did you have a good weekend?

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  1. Once again...great picture!
    I will head over and start following:) My Etsy shop is closed now because I have been busy with a baby:)) but I hope to kinda do a shop makeover and get up to speed on all the etsy changes once I reopen. How do you have time to take on team Captain?!
    Our weekend was pretty good, it was just stupid hot here. Made it a little miserable.