Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Activity

My birthday this year was great.  Aside from the whole turning 30 thing!!   We stayed out at camp the night before.  Waking up in the morning at camp with a view of the lake,  and the smell of fresh quiche,  is a good feeling.

Cooking quiche in muffin tins makes for easy portions

Sticky bun birthday cake

 The biggest reason that I wanted to stay at the lake the night before,  was so that the morning of my birthday,  I could go out fishing.

 The boys were very excited that they had "installed" a pool thermometer to check water temperature.

"Daddy,  go check the temperature to see if we can go swimming"

I lean over to check the reading,  and feel a shove!!!

note that they are even mocking me!!

Jumping in was easier than facing the "Wrath of Daddy"
I didn't catch any fish,  so I had to settle for a different lunch.   Fresh garden tomatoes, cracked pepper triscuits,  and sliced up sharp cheese.

We spent the evening having dinner at the in-laws,  where I listened to the worst version of "Happy Birthday" I have ever heard,  and yet,  I loved it!!


  1. What a fun birthday! The sticky bun cake is brilliant. ^.^

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Tall Ship at Sunset

  2. That looks like a pretty great birthday. Especially the quiche in muffin tins! Also, I WISH I was turning 30. ;)