Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Make Dinner

So let's say that you are not the one in the family / relationship  that typically takes care of making the evening meal  known as supper, dinner, Ect.   Here's the thing,  you are not only the one who is not usually in charge of cooking,  but you also have about 3 total recipes in your arsenal.   Easy Mac,  Scrambled Eggs,  and Grilled Cheese.   Well fear no more.  I too recently found myself in a similar boat.   We are expecting our 3rd child in mid December   and that means that right now,  my wife is fairly uncomfortable,  and is not always interested in slaving over a hot stove for my benefit every day.  That works out great for me though,  because, even though I am not very good at it,   I LOVE TO COOK!!

When called to the plate in the bottom of the ninth,  naturally,  my first thought is to turn to the Garden!   Guess what,   it is November in Maine,  the garden is long gone.   Thankfully,  the one who usually cooks,  had the foresight to take the minuza that I planted from the farmers market this spring,  and make it into pesto,  frozen for a later date.  Today is that date.

Step one: Gathering the ingredients

For this particular meal,  you will need.  1 half red onion, mini peppers, olive oil,  pasta, red wine, precooked sausage,  and pesto.

Step Two: Getting started

Now it should be noted that we do have a wine glass in our house.   However,  we have just that A wine glass as in one,  and it was dirty.    When you find yourself cooking pasta with a bottle of red,  and no wine glass,  almost anything will suffice.  My Father in law and I have spend many a night sipping the finest boxed wine from our plastic sippy cups sans lids.  In this case a good old fiesta ware glass made do just fine.   Pour 8-12 oz. of the wine into the glass and begin consumption.

Step 3: Cooking

Now that you are started,  Bring a half of the biggest pan you have to a boil.   Ok,  so when I say the biggest pan you have,  I do not mean the one that is usually used to seal canned goods.  I mean the largest one that is in the drawer with the other pots and pans. (tip,  if you fill it with hot water,  it will boil faster,   then again,  if you fill it with cold water,  it gives more time for a second kiddie cup of wine.

Put that pan of water on a burner,  and set to high

While the water is heating up,  Take the peppers and remove the tops.   This should contain the stem and the seeds.   Cut both the  peppers and the onion tito small pieces and add to a frying pan that has a light coat of oil on the bottom.   Put that pan on medium,  and allow everything to heat up.   It is important not to over heat the oil,  as this can cause.... well I am not sure,  but I am told it is really not good!

Quick recap.   At this point you should have a big pan of boiling water, a frying pan of sauteing onions and peppers,  and a fresh cup of wine.

Add a box of pasta to the boiling water and let boil for 10 minutes.

It is said that you can tell when spaghetti is ready by tossing a piece up to the ceiling,  and seeing if it sticks.   I used this technique for the first 6 months of marriage,  when one day my wife said "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THE KITCHEN CEILING???"

Step 4:  Remove any tested pasta from the ceiling.

After the pasta has boiled for 10 minutes,  or until sticky.   Strain it,  and put it back into the big pan.   Add the pesto,  and the sauteed mixture.

Step 5: Lets be honest,  you are winging it at this point

At this point take the precooked sausage,  and slice it into  half inch lengths.  Add it to the frying pan that the veggies were in  and move it around until it is warmed through.  This should only take a few minutes as your other ingredients are now getting cold.

Mix in the sausage with all the other ingredients,  pour a final glass of wine,  plate,  and you are ready to enjoy.   Make sure to serve whoever usually makes dinner first,  and let them know you appreciate the process they go through for you every day!

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  1. I'm busting a gut over here but not sure why!! Well done! Your poor wife (I've had two myself...the last part of pregnancy SUCKS SO MUCH) at least has a roommate-guy who makes a seriously colourful, well balanced meal AND peels his spaghetti off the ceiling. Can't ask for much more...