Friday, November 2, 2012

60 day Photocumentary

While taking 2 months off from blogging was great,   that doesnt mean I wasnt doing anything.  I thought if I posted a quick (not so quick) focumentary (thats a documentary with fotos)  maybe it should be photocumentary,  that it would be a good way to show what I did with the last 60 days.

Here you go:

Got Creative

Learned a new trick
reminisced the good old days 

Did NOT attend Zumba here (right in my neighborhood, now national news)

stopped on occasion

lost a first tooth

Made pancakes

jumped in fall puddles

Tracked the color of the cars going by the house

Visited a chocolate factory... (not really, this is at church)

watched leaves change color

looked before crossing

parked at the mall

went on a lunch date

got hit by a hurricane

helped my brother move

made tacos

grew a beard

built a "studio"

finished the baby's bed (he comes in a month)

played ball

did halloween
picked pumpkins

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Picked apples

Well there you have it,  you are now up to date!   

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  1. YAY for the tooth!!! I can't wait till my little guy looses his first tooth. You have been busy! I am the worlds worst blogger....I am so inconsistant these days. I don't know how people find the time. Another BOY!!! Love the little bed so cute.