Thursday, April 25, 2013

Too Easy

Not to write lately has become a commodity.  How can that be?  I love writing blogs here,  I bring my camera out with me,  take photos,  and plan the post I will include the in!   Yet every day that I don't write still feels fine.  I enjoy not having to post.    I think that for all bloggers,  realistic expectations of yourself are important.  No one is holding me to post regularly,  I do have regular readers,  but am I actually providing content that they will "miss" if it isn't there?  Probably not.   There is no real business purpose to this site,  so I am not actively losing money if I don't post.

All this to say to my fellow bloggers,  it is ok not to post,  it is ok,  not to commit to a schedule,  however,  IF that is how you view your blog, it is also how your readers likely do.

Many times,  I have taken a look at the blog for someone who said they aren'
t getting the hits,  or the comments, or the followers they hoped for.  I look,  and its been a month since their last post,  which was a tiny picture of an etsy treasury they made.

Treat your blog the way you want your readers to.  If you are not on it every day,  why would they be?  If you are not looking through your older content because it is easy to access,  they certainly aren't going to,  and furthermore  what would compel them about your blog that they would share it with their friends family and followers?

Here's hoping you all find some writing inspiration (and then write about it) as we come into the SUMMERTIME

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