Monday, May 6, 2013

May Day Festival - Kennebunk

Its not NYC, or Chicago,  its not even a suburb of a major city,  it is a coastal town in southern Maine,  and it is where I live.   I love this time of year,  because the farmers market is open again, the Tuesday evening craft fair is firing up,  and this past  weekend,  we had a giant festival day,  and opening day of Little League all at once.

 After the  kids get to walk in the parade, there is an opening day ceremony at the ball park,  complete with national anthem,  and the local baseball teams mascots!

The Library and Church on Main St

Festivities List

Craft fair and Farmers Market all in the same place!!


  1. I think that looks so fun! I've never lived in a small town, but sometimes I envy the sense of community.

  2. Definitely an awesome community, You lose some of the resources, and things to do that a city offers, but it is made up for with small town charms.

  3. Hooray for grand openings of seasonal farmer's markets! I miss my small town, and I bet the farmer's market just opened up the same weekend too (maybe I should go for a visit)...This looks like such a blast. And look at the turnout! =0)
    visiting from EBT

  4. Weren't you in Portland? did you move a little south?

    Kennebunk is lovely. and what a nice event to coincide with opening day at the ball fields. Love it!

    1. I work in Portland, I live in Kennebunk :)

  5. I'm so jealous! My husband and I might move to Portland in the Fall for dental school :) I really hope we do! I loved the area when we went to visit!

    New follower from etsy :)