Sunday, March 22, 2009

Re sizing an old gem

Sometimes my plans for a vintage find are a bit different than a customers ideas. I had made this table. I loved it and it received over 2000 hearts on Etsy. One day I got a private message asking if i were willing to make it shorter and thinner to fit into an apartment. They were willing to pay the same price so I thought "Heck why not". This meant that I would be cutting an already finished piece. not a task that I was thrilled about, but who was I kidding someone wanted to buy my table and I was certainly going to comply with their request.

The first step was to measure it out so that the ends would remain symmetrical. Once I made the cut It left me with an unfinished edge. Since the finish is what I take the most pride in (otherwise its a door with legs...woo hoo) I was very careful in matching the finish in that edge with the rest of the piece. Lucky for me I still had all the paint that I had put on the original piece. After that I had to move the braces as they were now attached to a piece I had cut off the table.

I reattached then where they belonged symmetrical to the other legs. the legs required no re-panting as they were already the matching finish. I completed and listed the custom item 2 days later. but that left me with a half finished shorter piece. I had made shorter end tables before in a maroon finish. The trouble now was that If I was going to make this spare table top into a table I would have to finish new legs in the same style that the original table was...or just start over and re-finish the whole thing. As I showed in a previous post, I was able to put my custom teal finish (which I am still looking for a name for)onto some newer longer legs and create an end table. It took several tries to match the finish but I am very pleased with the way it came out.

So not only was I able to shorten and sell the original table but I was also able to create a new piece our of my left overs. It's like recycling on steroids. As Always please feel free to see this item finished in my etsy store. If you have Ideas for a name for this finish I am thinking about having a giveaway to the name you come up with that I like the most. We will see.


  1. That was a beautiful table. I am glad you were able to make the changes and sell it. I love the reusing. I try to focus on it myself. I love the teal color too!

  2. WOW - what a fantastic job! It's a gorgeous table - and it's great that they wanted it no matter what, and thought to ask you for help. And you did it - talk about customer service!?! Excellent work!