Friday, April 8, 2011

Poem Friday - My Twitter is not working

My Twitter isn’t working
I can not send a tweet
I asked a bird if he would help
He flew across the street

My twitter is not working
My status will not write
I want to tell the world about
My day and then my night

My twitter is not working
Which may be for the best
Perhaps I’ll go outside today
Perhaps you’ll be my guest

Cuz’ Twitters getting corporatized
And I cant keep on going
And keep up with the ads they send
And all the crap they’re throwing

I used to love my twitter
And the people that I followed
But corporate tweets have taken over
And twitter's soul’s been hollowed

So if you are still tweeting
About your life and such
Then shout it out so I can hear
And I will thank you much

But if you are a company
Just setting our your snares
Well you too can keep tweeting
But you should know nobody cares.


  1. i just recently joined twitter and i still don't get it! i do get a ton of ad tweets all the time and i think it's kinda boring...

  2. Ugh technical difficulty posting this. all set now, enjoy.

    Brittany, I have been on twitter for about 3 years, it used to be a lot cooler.

  3. I agree that twitter is not very exciting. I haven't updated it in at least a month. Love the poem though, especially the beginning. Haha!

  4. I've been on Twitter for a while and I never really got on the bandwagon. I kind of force myself to do it for business purposes.

  5. Cool poem! I don't Tweet. I guess because I'm so predictable. If I did it would look like this:


    Oh, and throw in the occasional nap ;)