Monday, April 25, 2011

When it comes to photography I am a bit naive. I think of a camera a lot like a computer. Anyone can use one, but the things we are able to do with one are very different. Using that analogy, I am not a programmer, but rather the guy that can login and check e-mail.

I know how to frame a picture from set design class in college, the rule of thirds, and all that jazz. What I knew almost nothing about were things like aperture, lens size, white balance, depth of field, and the 300 other settings on the Cannon Rebel.

So I wanted to share a bit that I discovered and went overboard with. The 50 mm lens. I thought it was specifically used for depth of field pictures, while it is fantastic for that it is not its primary purpose. The 50 mm lens allows you to take photos from a realistic distance and fit everything into it.

So here is the overboard part. Once I learned about taking depth of field pictures I started doing a bunch of it. It allows you to focus on one part of the photo and blur out the rest. Enjoy!


  1. I love that type of lens. It is great for portrait work too. I like to fiddle around with depth of field.

  2. I also just discovered the The 50mm lens after years of thinking bigger is better and hanging with those huge 28-200mm lens.
    I'm in love with it and don't think I'll ever switch back!

    P.S. Your comment on my latest post just cracked me... I haven't thought of that! It might be a little problem to climb on especially on this one that his hanged above this fantastic lake!

  3. Great photos by the way, I love the corks that show exactly what you meant. Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pics... I think using depth of field in photos makes them look so much more professional.