Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Out With The Old

As part of this transition into my 30's (27 days and counting)  I am overhauling pieces of my life.

This most recent overhaul directly benefits you!  I am clearing out my Etsy shop to make room for all the new frames,  and hopefully a new look and feel to the shopper experience.


So you see any frame in my shop is now being offered for just the sale price!  I will take care of the shipping charge,  and NO,  it isnt being built into the price.

The goal is to get all the old frames sold,  so that when the new ones come in,  the shop still looks cohesive.

So swing on over and take a look,   I know a bunch of you are jewelry makers.

As I like to say,  "The only better way to display your jewelry is to wear it"

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