Monday, August 13, 2012

The Garden

I have always had pretty green thumbs, so when my neighbors told me that no one had used the garden along the side of the house in 10 years, and it was a lost cause,

 I took it as a challenge.

Old Juniper Shrubs removed

It was terrible soil, so I dug down a foot, and removed at least 5 wheelbarrels full of rocks. Then I raised the bed another foot and filled it in with a mixture of peat moss and top soil. 
Lettuce and peppers from the Farmers Market
My Father in Law has a small greenhouse,  I got my pick out of all these!

Then I started planting, weeding, watering, and never looked back.
The planting begins

Tomato seedlings

Free help

The Marigolds are to keep the passing dogs out


My wife calls the garden my mistress, but hey, my mistress is looking pretty good!!

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