Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Carrot Fries

As you may remember we completed the whole 30 this past year,  and while we are certainly not 100% Paleo now,  we did find certain foods that we really liked and kept in our regular rotation.

Allow me to introduce Carrot Fries!

Super simple (in fact I could cook them,  and that's saying something)

Start with a whole bag of carrots.

Remove the carrots from the bag.  (skipping this step can cause the final product to taste like melted plastic)

Foil some cookie sheets or pizza pans,  and put a tablespoon of oil on each,  lightly coating the whole surface

Cut carrots in half making them french-fry length,  also peel the carrots

Spread carrots onto oiled cookie sheets and season evenly.  I like salt pepper oregano,  and thyme

bake at 400 for 35 minutes,  check to see that they are a little wrinkled (they will not get too soft like boiled carrots,  or actual potato fries.

place as a side with your favorite protein and consume.  If they are still hot,  you may want to blow on them


  1. looks really good!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing....I am trying this one for sure!

  3. They are still a favorite of mine. Turnips are amazing as well!!