Monday, March 19, 2012

Focus now, Focus

"Grab life by the horns, and dont let go until it looks like the life you want"

I love this quote, and think that for the most part it makes sense. How often do you actually think about what you want in life? Not what you want your life to be like, but what you actually want.

Is what you want realistic? Is it selfish, philanthropic, dull, exciting, outrageous?

You can easily settle for something that you are ok with, but isnt what you wanted. Or you can sit and choose to do nothing at all because to accomplish what you want is a lot of work, and you dont know how to get started. Or you are too worried it will lead to a dead end.

Here is the key of the day. FOCUS.

I have found that when I focus on something, and give it the attention it needs, I can do it right, and wind up with a great product.. Whether that be making frames, or just the time I spend with my family, focusing on it, rather than throwing in a half hearted effort just plain produces better results.

Now apply the same principal to what you want out of life. If it is really what you want, and you have good reason to want it, then focus on it and make it happen.

The reason I ask if there is good reason for it, is because, if you really want to say, be a movie star, but you dont live in LA and you dont have the time available to commit to the audition and networking schedule required for that, then it is probably not a good goal for you at this time.

Just as easily, what you want in life could just be "to be more organized" The basic principal of focus can be applied here as well. Make the decision, to not leave something out, or the decision to put away the laundry once it is folded, or the decision to load the dishwasher right after dinner, instead of letting the dished stay in the sink. Take the trash out of your car before it piles up.

It is possible that none of this applies to you, or it is possible that all of it does, so Here in my first of what I hope to be Motivational Monday posts, Take what you want, decide if that is actually what is best, and if so, focus on it, and make it happen. They you can rest easy knowing that you arent just letting life pass you by.

Life is too short to just go through the motions, and look back 50 years later wishing we had done things differently.

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