Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hard at work

I dont know why, I always assume that if I make some frames, I wont have to work for a while. I never make enough, and then always find myself sold out before I have even started more.

So here is the new goal... Have enough listed to make the sales I need to, but also keep making them, so I can keep my shop full.

Here is what today yielded:

Now to Edit, measure, and list... Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow looks like you get a lot done! Love the teal frames in your sold items, great color for spring!

  2. Thanks, They are by far the most popular, and I have made more of them than ever before this time.

  3. Looks like you have been busy working. I hope you make lots of sales! I really love the yellow ones.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. wow you have been busy. That's awesome they sell out so quickly.

  5. Someone has been very busy!
    They all look lovely btw