Friday, March 2, 2012

Poem Friday - Before I Die

I'd like to try
before I die
to love
and laugh
and sing
and cry

All are great as all have seen
so let me tell you what I mean

To love my family
love my life
love my freedom
love my wife
love my God
love my friends
love that love will never end

Laugh too hard till I cant breathe
Laugh at some in disbelief
laugh with each listed above
which is to laugh with which I love
Laugh because it feels so great
Laugh because I just cant wait
Laugh for everyone to see
Laugh so they will laugh with me

sing for joy
sing in sadness
sing for girls, and boys, and gladness
sing with many
sing alone
sing a song of how I feel
sing for things I feel are real
sing for every thing above
sing of laughter
sing of love

Cry when I need to
cry like a man
cry when I see you
cry cuz I can
cry for joy
cry for strain
cry for all the times of pain
cry out cry in
its great release
cry today, tomorrow peace
cry for the love I've been given to guard
cry because I have been laughing too hard
cry when the song hits my favorite part
Cry because tears end up good for the heart.

For these reasons I will try
to Love
and Laugh
and Sing
and Cry


  1. well said. love, laugh, sing, cry.
    In the past, in the future, and in the present.