Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Break Time

As you know, I have a lot going on. See all these frames, they are each about 20 minutes of work away from being listed on Etsy.

I am also working on some content for The Etsy Blog Team which is about to announce a huge contest with a $100 prize.

School has started, and work is steady. So... Progressions has drawn the short straw in the things I am not paying attention to for the next week.

From now until the 24th, I will still be reading comments and likely still reading your blogs as well.

See you on the 24th.



  1. Mitch, i LOVE that pic!!!! looking forward to getting to know your wife, enjoy the break.

  2. those frames are lovely! have a nice little break, looking forward to seeing what your wifey has in store :)


  3. New from EBT! Frames will go perfect with my photography ;) I like all the colors and that picture is fun too!