Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Tag line

I did some re-branding recently, got a new blog style set up, changed around the shop, and I decided it was time for a new tag line. "Giving new life to vintage finds" served me well for the last 4 years,

but it isnt really what I am doing any more. All the frames are still vintage frames that I am upcycling and giving new life to, but they are also the only product I am still making.

I do hope to add additional products to the J.Crabbit arsenal in the future, but for now, my updated slogan really speaks to what I do.

I always hated that jewelry makers take so much time and effort making their pieces, then only one is worn while the others sit in a box, or a bowl. So I wanted to take them out of the box. And so was born, "Taking Jewelry out of the Box"
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  1. i really like this new tag line! and i agree i have tons of lovely jewelry and it is all hiding away!


  2. I like it!
    And I like the frames for displaying your jewelry too!

  3. Great new tag line, though I think the way you displayed your old one was more visually appealing.
    You've done really well on both tag lines though, not everyone can come up with clever and memorable ways to say what they do.