Sunday, September 4, 2011

Come Sail Away

September is the perfect month for a sail boat ride. You can still bring a sweater, but also a cooler for your favorite beverage.

You can still wear sandals, but with a choice of shorts or pants. you can still wear a hat, but you can choose if it is cotton or wool.

The foliage hasn't quite come out yet, so you can see the shore in the same state it has been all summer but without all the tourists, and heat.

I dont have a sailboat, nor does anyone I know, but if you have access to a friend or family member who does...

I suggest on this long weekend, GO SAING!


  1. Brilliant reasons to go sailing. Now if only I knew someone who owns a boat....

    Oh well :)

  2. you are making me so excited for fall! it just started to feel crisp outside in denver this weekend. i can't wait :)

    oh & sailing sounds pretty awesome :)



  3. Brittnay, I am looking forward to your posts this fall, I started following in the spring, and love vintage, and September... this shoule be good all around.

  4. I have a sailboat, but unfortunately, we had to move it away from the water due to tropical storm Lee. Maybe next weekend!

  5. I used to sail with my uncle---would love to sail again!

  6. Sounds like you live in a climate similar to mine. I don't know anyone with a sailboat but I do love to visit the Lake and I'm glad I live close to it.