Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Work Space

Yesterday I was reading a blog that I follow,  and they posted pictures of the progress of their new studio they are building. (If you do not already,  you should totally follow Edi's Blog) clicking that link will take you to the post of her studio progress.

Reading it though,  I thought about how I recently revamped my workspace,  although on a much smaller scale . and realized,  it is an interesting topic for a blog post.  We often get to see the product,  but not the space it was created in.  For me it was all about moving inside.  I work in a detached garage for most of my projects,  but with the Maine Winter,  it is nearly impossible.  Paint just doesn't seem to dry at -5 degrees.

I have a basement which has been used mostly for storage the last 3 years.  I always noticed this box on the ceiling that I assumed contained an air duct of some sort,  when I checked recently though,  I found that it was just a box,  and held nothing.

So I ripped it out.  It took up a ton of head room,  and I can now actually stand in that sections of the basement.  While ripping it out I realized that the wood it was made of was beautiful wide rough cut wood,  and I couldn't possibly just get rid of it in the name of space.

I Glued the broken edges back on,  and I had beautiful good as new wood.

For Christmas this year my parents got me a home depot gift card.  I used it to buy all the 1x2 lumber I was going to need to turn the old box into my new work bench.  Making room under the box did mean moving the stuff that was stored there,  so now the basement looks like a tornado hit it.  I will be tackling that soon too.

I only had to cut the planks from the box a little to fit them into my design perfectly.  They make up the actual work space.

Upcycled wood makes a great work bench,  and I now have functional indoor space to work through the winter months until I can get back into the garage in the spring.


  1. How awesome that you have a winter work zone! I don't really have a good spot to do anything with tools because our basement is finished and the garage gets too cold. I'm always waiting impatiently for spring...

  2. That's where I have been for the last 3 years. Even the amazing space above the garage where I refinish furniture, is not heated, and very difficult to work in in the winter. A finished basement has its advantages too though.