Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Farmer's Market

Chances are,  when you think of Maine and winter you do not think Farmers  Market.  I know I certainly dont,  so when I heard there was one going on Saturday,  we had to check it out.   It was hosted at the Urban Farm Fermentory in Portland.

 There were plenty of local farms represented,  and root veggies up the wazoo.   Keep in mind we have nearly 3 feet of snow covering the ground right now,  so these farmers are working extra hard to produce crops,  AND they look amazing!

 We even bought 2 pounds of tomatoes.  Since we are in the middle of a Whole30,  fresh veggies are sooooo appreciated.

 Aside from Frank Barone giving me the stink eye,  I think everyone was having an amazing time.

 Afterall,  when you live in Maine,  and can get a farm fresh spread like this,   whats not to love?

Do you have a Winter Farmer's Market in your area?


  1. I would love it if they have a winter's farmer's market in my area. Right now the nearest Farmer's Market goes from April to Nov..but it's not until around June where the farmers have lots of goodies to buy.