Monday, July 18, 2011

10 Days of Romania Day 1

My wife has left me!

Ok Ok I know it sounds bad, but she is coming back. She is on a 10 day trip to Bacau Romania to help the people there. She is bringing clothes for winter, medical supplies, and grooming items.

Yesterday it became official, around 3:30 I left the church where she and the team were waiting to load into the vans and head to Logan Airport.
I went to go get the boys who were playing in the pool at her families house, and I told them that we needed to go home because mommy had hidden a surprise in the house for them.

Despite falling asleep in the car on the way home, they managed to get excited once we got there to go hunting for the prize.

It didnt take them long to find a map on the wall with a piece of string running from Maine (where we live) to Romania! "is that the map mommy's plane will use" "Not exactly" I replied, but it does show where she is going.

Next was the paper chain, which was the real treat, it came with a note explaining that there were 11 rings for the 11 days she would be gone, and that on the inside of each ring was something special to do with Daddy that night. "when the rings are all gone, it will be time for me to come home!"

They were ecstatic to rip off ring 11. it said "Wii Night" now you should know that we have been doing a Wii free summer, so they hadn't played in about 2 months. Mario and Luigi babysat long enough for me to throw some grilled cheese together.

Then it was AFV and early bed time. They crashed.

I ate my dinner and went to bed as well. I awoke to a 4:22 am text message "Made it to London, Love you guys" No sooner had I looked at the flight Trackershowing her plane had landed than at 10:45 AM I got the next one. "Made it to Bucharest..." I was very happy to know that most of the travel was now over. She should be arriving any minute now to the town that she will be working in for the next week and a half.

Stay tuned for what we do today!


  1. Romania! Wow - I'm a bit jealous. :) Especially of the ring change. Who doesn't love surprises?? :P

  2. There will be many I am sure... hoping they are not too intense (they both cried tonight) but I am excited to see what we get to do.

  3. The paper chain is such a perfect, sweet idea...!
    I've always romanticized Romania... One day!

  4. What a sweet mom?! I love making paper chains.