Friday, July 22, 2011

10 Days of Romania Day 5: Heat Wave

If you haven’t heard, there is a heat wave running through the east. I believe it is the same one that just poured through the Midwest this week, YUCK!
I am ok with heat, the humidity is high but manageable, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to have the kiddos sleeping in a 85 degree bedroom.

There is a breeze, but it is a hot breeze, just look at their faces while stopping for a quick photo… it was windy, sunny, and they were not too happy about it. Ashton informed me that the sun was in his eyes making it difficult to smile, and Liam said "Oh man is it windy out here can you even believe it"

I spent my lunch break today at the grocery store. What a great idea one of my coworkers gave me. You do all the shopping and it takes up no time out of your evening. Thankfully we have a Refrigerator here in the office that I could put the stuff that needed to stay cool in. The cart is full of healthy veggies, hummus, milk, oj, ect, because I didn’t want the boys to have to fill up on junk. Inspired by my healthy shopping, I decided to get myself a good old fashioned fast food lunch at Arbys… oops.

The paper chain activity was a new puzzle. This would be great if the table in their playroom where we do puzzles wasn’t a literal 95 degrees. We decided to go out and get drinks while we turned on the AC in the office, and moved the table to there.

The boys picked out powerades, despite the sugar content, I was happy they were staying hydrated. They drank them while I made a salad out of the veggies I had purchased. I also got a loaf of Garlic bread which was great. All that combined with the Casserole a friend dropped off and a cold shipyard, made for a great dinner.

After dinner, The room had cooled enough for the puzzle assembling to start. Liam told me multiple times that “I can find the right pieces, because I have really good eyelashes!” We did complete the puzzle, although I seem to have lost the picture of the final product. The best part was that it GLOWS IN THE DARK.
After the boys went to bed, I had a surprise visit from Heathers sister. She crashed here because she works in town where we live, but lives far away. After getting out of work at 11 it is easier to just sleep at our house. I bored her for an hour just talking… it is amazing how quickly you start to miss grown up conversation.
The boys had crashed on the floor in the puzzle room because it was now nice and cool, so she slept up there with them as well. They were mighty excited to tell me this morning, “Daddy, Auntie Nicole came over to have a sleepover with us”
Morning came far too soon, but it is almost the weekend, and we will be headed tonight to our camp on the lake to cool off, and sleep!


  1. Yummm... that salad looks amazing! :-)

  2. lettuce, spinach, cucumber, red pepper, tomato, carrots, parm cheese.

  3. It looks like food fit for a heatwave! We have it here too and it's awful!!!