Monday, July 25, 2011

10 Days of Romania Day 8: Smores

The morning started off simple with bagels and fruit salad. Afterward we put all out stuff into the tent and organized it.. you will never guess what they wanted to do next… yep swim. We spent several hours in the water, then several more.

The jumping off the float is something new this year. Last year they were still a little timid in the water, that has all changed.

We burned the old docks all day which made a great bed of coals for the smores at night which was the paperchain item for the day. Then it was leftover sparklers from the 4th of July.

I have changed the format a bit, so here is a photo collage of our day.

Mommy comes home in 2 days!!!!


  1. Looks yummy! We will have to have a smores night soon, my husband LOVES smores!
    I bet you and your boys can't wait for your wife to come home.....10 days is soooooo long.

  2. it is... feels like it has gone fast though, she has certainly been missed.