Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I Love Friday

Even though no one is willing to publicly promote the fact that they read this blog, I will not let that get me down. Because despite my hatred for the Rebecca Black song, it IS in fact friday, and here at the office, that means DONUTS!!!!

What do you love about Fridays?


  1. As a side note, I am working on getting the hyperlink color changed on this new template

  2. Donuts sound amazing....

    I love Fridays because they are my day to relax and just enjoy the day. :)

  3. A donut would be good right now! I like Friday because it's payday!!

  4. So funny :)

    When my fiance is home from the road &/or the band is off tour, I'd say my favorite thing about Fridays is stopping work earlier than usual & hanging out w/him, being lazy. Since he's on the road right now, I'd have to say my favorite part is knowing that although I don't have a "normal" work week, I don't feel as much pressure on Saturdays to get work done while the majority of people are off :). So I look forward to sleeping in and getting to do non-work activities on Saturday.


  5. relaxing, getting paid, and reunions with a loved one. All great reasons to love Fridays. Thanks for sharing.