Sunday, July 31, 2011

How you can tell she is back...

Admitedly I did my best while my wife was in Romania, but keeping up the house, was just plain beyond me. I tried, but even the ways that I mopped the floor (yeah I did that) left streaks of dirt, and as it turned out I used a very old dirty mop. The Trip leader had told my wife and the team, many of whom were leaving children, That if you return and everyone is alive and reasonably healthy, then your husband has done a good job…SUCCESS, no one died, and we all seem to be ok.
That said however there are several ways that you can tell that she is finally home, and I wanted to share them with you.
1) Dinner is no longer from a box and served around 8:00 but rather is delicious and nutritious home made food, hot and ready to eat at 6:30. Her sister made us a few meals, and knowing how we like to eat, also threw in a bunch of fresh veggies from her garden for us to enjoy. But even so, I could not have prepared it like this.

2) There are fresh flowers on the counter, and the kitchen smells like bread, and candles… ( you don’t want to know what it smelled like before.

3) A family excursion was planned to go blueberry picking (our activities while she was gone were seldom practical)

4) The fridge is full of healthy food.

5) I am HAPPY!!! I wasn’t unhappy while she was away, but I wasn’t my normal chipper optimistic self either.

Case in point, I love and appreciate my wife. I used to say that I understood that she did the cooking and cleaning, but generalizing it like that doesn’t really do it justice, I am a lousy housekeeper, but we did have a lot of fun.


  1. Seriously. How sweet of you to write this, and wow--what a good person she is! I certainly don't keep things running that well even when I am home!

  2. It's great that you appreciate what your wife does - keeping a household running is hard work!