Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Days of Romania Day 2: minigolf

Yesterday morning went off without a hitch. The fact that the boys wake up so early is playing to my advantage since we have to leave a lot earlier so I can drop them off at Grammys house before going to work.

It was after work though when the fun began. We had decided to get a pizza for dinner, “it should have pineapples” I was told “and pepperoni” Luckily for me a can of pineapples is cheap and easily added to the pizza (which I almost forgot to do)

Before we could get the pizza though I asked the boys if they would like to do something special. “we are going to build with lincoln logs tonight, that’s what was on the paperchain this morning” Well obviously we were going to do that, I asked if they would like to do something additional, I only thought of this because we were about 200 feet from the entrance to the minigolf course that they have been begging me to go to for the last few months.
And so we went. And had a blast. 18 holes of non stop fun.

When we got home , They got out the lincoln logs, which they weren’t actually, but they were something like them, and they are really cool!. They played and built. Liam created a “standing Y”

I am thankful that 2 nights in a row there has been soccer on TV, they really enjoy it, it is clean, and they both crashed quickly.

Tonight they have a sleepover at Grammys house, and I have a night alone… sounds like fun, but I will likely just go to bed early. It is possible though that I will use the time to get a bunch done around the house.



  1. Those impromptu outings are the best. Great memories. Good job.

  2. How cute! And now I want pizza for lunch.

  3. Oohhh I miss mini golf! Looks like you three had a blast. :D

  4. We did they loved it, keeping their minds off the fact that Mommy is gone for a while.

  5. Love the last picture of mini golf....very cute!