Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Days of Romania Day 4: Sailboats and hotdogs

During the day today I went to the beach I usually do. It was really crowded in the parking lot which I thought was odd, until I realized that the Junior Olympics sailing competition was taking place. I had to take a few shots of that.

In the evening it was a nice balanced meal of hot dogs and mixed vegggies in a home made cheese sauce. I was pretty proud of how good it was. We picked up an additional air conditioner as well. Although we have 1, it is not nearly large enough to help on the 3rd floor where the playroom is. This will help with the projects I want to get done up there, and also allow them to utilize their playroom again.

The paperchain was another Wii night, I thought they would find it boring since they had already done it. The complete opposite! they were soo happy, which was great because I was able to install the AC, do laundry, run the dishwasher, vacuum, and walk Duncan (props to any single parents out there, you are beasts!)

I was able to text my wife as well, the trip is going great, and she is doing well. A few more nights until we head out to camp for the rest of the time... you will like those posts!

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